About Us

Since its establishment in May 1995 ANATOLIKI S.A. has had a dynamic developmental presence in the wider area of Eastern Thessaloniki.

ANATOLIKI S.A. is the Mechanism-driving force to achieve, in a fast and most effective manner, the goals of strategic planning implemented by the Local Authorities, aiming at the promotion of sustainable development and the transformation of the area of Eastern Thessaloniki into a green zone, in line with the current international initiatives.

The contribution of ANATOLIKI S.A. is very significant for: the promotion of the waste recycling in the wider area of Thessaloniki, the operation of social structures, the promotion of the Renewable Energy Resources/Energy Saving, the promotion of mobility management, the promotion of innovation, the management of water & soil resources, the Municipal Operational Plans and the support to the operation of the European Network of elected Greeks in local authorities abroad through European and national projects.
The achievement of the goals and the smooth function of the Company are obtained through the scientific, specialized and experienced human capital of ANATOLIKI S.A.

The shareholders of ANATOLIKI S.A. are, the Region of Central Macedonia, nine (9) Municipalities of Thessaloniki & Chalkidiki – Kalamaria, Nea Propontida, Neapoli-Sykies, Polygyros, Pylaia-Chortiatis, Thessaloniki, Thermaikos, Thermi and Volvi - Thessaloniki’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Professionals, Chamber of SMEs, local business associations and Cooperatives.

A turning point in the history of ANATOLIKI SA is its selection by the Hellenic Ministry of the Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works, to act as the national preparation coordinator for the Johannesburg Summit 2002 to present the activities of the Development Agency ANATOLIKI SA as the Greek practices for the “101 ways to Sustainable Development”.