About Us

Andelea is a Greek family owned company focusing its activities in
the production of superior category Greek extra virgin olive oil.
Weare producing a single 100% koroneiki variety, single blend, 100%
pure unfiltered ultra premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our olive groves and olive mill are situated in Messinia at the
outskirts of Κalamata. The century-old olive trees are groomed and
harvested the antique way for over 4 generations, in combination
with our up-to-date olive mill and the very strict procedures we follow
during the harvest and the extraction phase, we produce this very
high quality olive oil, with very low acidity, full of taste, aromas and

Andelea Estate is a medium intensity olive oil with tastes of freshly
cut Grass, Nut, Almond, Pine-skin, Green vegetables, Herbs and

Andelea Estate olive oil is packaged in 1000 ml, 500ml and 100ml
glass bottles. The bottles are made out of Yellow Amber Glass, the
special glass used by the pharmaceutical industry to protect its
products from ultraviolet rays, ensuring that our olive oil retains its
naturally very low levels of acidity and its high values of poly-phenols,
for as long as the oil remains in the bottle. The label is painted on the
bottles giving them the luxury that our olive oil deserves.

We also have two gift packages, that of the high-quality cardboard
box for the 500ml bottle and the special gift box containing the
2x100ml bottles with the glass dropper to make it easier to add small
quantities of oil when this is required or desired.

In our continuous effort to provide our customers with best possible
and safest products, our company has obtained an ISO 22000:2005 –
HACPP certification for all stages, from the olive mill, to the
standardization and trading.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence