About Us

EVIATON was founded as a private multispecialty practice group owned and operated solely by physicians.

The EVIATON group provides specialized and preventive healthcare services to all age groups in the Northern suburbs of Athens, Greece. It is staffed by specialty trained medical personnel (many of whom have received training or held posts in countries of the EU and the USA) and state of the art equipment for the provision of our services. Our physicians specialize in a wide variety of medical and surgical subspecialties and can tackle complex medical problems either in house or through collaborations with external providers and private hospital units.

We provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive care services that are integrated in a holistic approach that emphasizes lifestyle modifications, proper nutrition and carefully balanced drug regimens. Our surgeons can undertake minimally invasive outpatient procedures in house or refer to an extensive network of collaborating hospitals. We accept a large number of insurance carriers, so inquire with our front desk to see if your insurance is among those

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence