About Us

Greek People Management Association (GPMA) is the only Association of HR Professionals in Greece, with a membership of over 650 executives. As a professional body, it represents those involved in people’s management and development, while many of the companies, whose executives constitute members of GPMA, remain the most important international and national employer brands to the present time.

The Association was founded in 1978 and has been active ever since, due to acknowledged professionals’ inspiration and passion in the field of Human Resources Management. Despite the rapid evolution of technology, the globalization and the reclassification of markets, one thing has and will always remain stable:
PEOPLE - the main focus of HR professionals and GPMA.

GPMA collaborates with all important Greek Academic Institutions - related to HR trends - while maintaining strong relations with all main Public Institutional Bodies.

GPMA Vision
✔ Promote the HR Management profession
✔ Lead in the development and promotion of good practice in the field of the management and development of people

GPMA Mission
✔ Exchange best practices, experiences and extend the study on matters regarding HR Management
✔ Create and expand GPMA relations with relevant associations around the world
✔ Offer constant training and development to the HR Professionals
✔ Monitor developments on issues of HR Management within companies and the external environment

Since 2004, GPMA’s HR FORUM represents the most important annual conference in HR community in Greece e.g. hrforum2014.com & hrforum2015.com

The GPMA organizes “thought days”, meetings, workshops, seminars on various HR topics, while also establishing activities as the HR Clubs, HR Network, HR Meeting Point, HR Manager of the Year and HR Students’ Awards. Furthermore, GPMA publishes the “People Matters” online newsletter and other relative papers on employment issues.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence