About Us

Halaris Bros SA was founded in 1950 by Theodoros and Vasiliki Halaris and over the years, it was passed on to Nikos and Panagiotis, their sons, who still have the management. Halaris Bros SA is recognized as one of the most rapidly developing companies in Greece as far as wines and spirits are concerned. It serves more than 4.500 active customers in all channels of trade, wholesale and retail sale, as well as the biggest part of the restaurant market of Athens. Since 2002, Halaris Bros SA has created a portfolio with premium products which are exclusively imported for Greece. The company owns four retail shops with almost all wines and spirits found in Greece.

A special department of the company is the gifts’ department. We create roughly 19,000 gifts each year and as wholesalers we sell 10,000 items annually.
The company trades products of almost all the Greek and foreign vineyards and through its special cooperation with wine estates, it ensures the most excellent service for customers and the very special friends of wine.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence