About Us

We are a leading group of companies offering a wide and complete range of F&B (Food and Beverage) services.

Isigonis Group of Companies consists of the following brands:
• QuCafe
• 24Shopen
• Lombardini Espresso (www.lombardiniespresso.com)
• Lombardini Lounge
• Alea in Style
• Quality Catering
• Pita Souvlaki

With more than 25 years of experience in a number of countries, we aim at creating value through win-win partnerships, by being your local partner in a global and highly competitive market. We provide a wide range of services around F&B. By working with us you can rest assured you have a partner on your side that can support you in anything concerning:
• Catering an event
• Constructing a restaurant or coffee shop
• Setting-up and running a cantina
• Setting-up and running a 24hour multimarket store
• Setting-up and running a restaurant or coffee-shop
• Supplying top quality coffee, equipment and food products

Commercial presence