About Us

PETKA SA is an incorporated construction company, a continuation of technical companies and joint ventures that consolidates a thirty-year experience in the field of private and public projects, industrial installations and shipyard industry applications.

The founders and main shareholders of PETKA SA are Mr. Christos Petrocheilos (Vice President and CEO) and Mr. Spiridon Karavakis (President of the Board), both being Mechanical Engineers with multiannual experience in the construction sector.

Every construction of PETKA SA is known for its high quality, its effectiveness in the production procedure, its low costs and its optimal delivery. All the above classify PETKA SA in between the most competitive companies of this field within the country.

The reasons that PETKA SA is chosen from its costumers all through the years compared to other companies are: the high standards that sets, the deep knowledge of the market and the attachment of the personnel to the needs of the costumers.

In order for the above picture to be kept, that the company has shaped through the decades, there are essential rationales that are followed:

Credibility / Honesty
Respect towards the costumer
Team Work
Hard Work
Quality Work

The target of PETKA SA is to continue offering its services in the highest possible level and to acquire pioneering role in the building development of the country.

Commercial presence