About Us

Private label is now a mature market - one that has grown quickly over recent years to a position of some strength in the European FMCG industry. A force to be reckoned with, traditionally private label has helped consumers reduce their weekly shopping bills and provide retailers with an extra opportunity to boost sales and grow margin.

You are building something that it will be yours forever. You are excited and so we are. Your passion for something you love guides you, and we understand it so much because this is why we are successful too. No matter if you target a big or a local market. We can, not only provide you with the amount of products needed, but help you implement all strategies leading to success.

PL Chemicals can give you EUROPEAN quality autorefinish products so fast, that you will wonder why you didn't start your own brand until now? We are an experienced company on creating technologically advanced chemicals for the automotive industry.

PL CHEMICALS SA is the only factory Globally that provides low quantity orders:
-We can analyze your competitors products and create better versions. Seriously we can. We do it all the time and we never fail.
-We always build successful collaborations and we never let our partners down.
-We provide extremely competitive prices with reliable top quality products. Just contact us and you will soon notice that we are the best solution for your private label needs.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence