About Us

StepOne Consulting S.A is a leading consulting and implementation firm in the area of Information Technology, providing integrated and innovative solutions in the region of South Eastern Europe. The company has a proven track record guiding its customers to operational excellence and sustainable growth by utilizing technology business applications.

Established in 2001, StepOne Consulting offers valuable solutions to all organizations, which aim to install a common integrated information platform to streamline their operations (Financial Management, Production Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Stock control, Business Analytics, Enterprise Content Management etc.). Committed to deliver innovation, StepOne Consulting collaborates with its clients leading them to high business performance, while maintaining the required flexibility and a unique business profile. The extensive exposure into the market and the deep knowledge of best business practices enables the company’s consulting team to mobilize the right people and skills, making their customers even more profitable by reaping the benefits from the latest technology applications.