About Us

The Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park is the first private Business Park in Greece, designed to host high tech enterprises and knowledge-intensive companies setting the ground for innovative business explorations. By gathering a critical mass of the most dynamic and extrovert enterprises in the region, the Technopolis ICT Business Park represents a well-coordinated digitally literate cluster of SMEs that ultimately constitutes the ideal market place for ICT products and services and an excellent opportunity for investments.

The participating organizations are mostly companies already active in the neighbouring Balkan countries:

a) 20 SMEs in the ICT sector, employing scientists and researchers have purchased property
and are starting constructions of own premises.
b) More than 25 companies are currently signing agreements for establishing their premises in
the Technopolis SME building, an office area of 4000 sq. m. dedicated to SMEs.

The Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park is a unique collective scheme of public-private investments that will:
• Accelerate the existing knowledge capital in the region
• Boost competitiveness and foster entrepreneurship
• Support innovative companies and make them part of the Regional Innovation Strategy
• Create unique synergies between companies and research-intensive institutions.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence