About Us

In 1992, Sakopoulos family establishes the pharmacy at Haidari based on a principle: to serve patients and customers with respect and affection. Respect, because pharmacy deals with issues important to our well being. Affection, because Haidari is a Greek neighborhood full of kind and sincere people.

The same principle was the source of inspiration and the starting point for Theodore Sakopoulos. Behind every initiative, a person is hidden. The 2 year-period 2010-2011 was catalytic.

ToFarmakeiomou.gr founded in 2010, is a comprehensive, modern online store serving the consumer. It is a leader in promotions and offers in health products, beauty & cosmetics brands, pressure gauges, diabetes types, gauges, diagnostic equipment, etc.

In November 2011, we renovated our pharmacy in order to provide you with even more and better services driven Specialization. With an additional floor and special areas for measuring pressure, blood sugar measurements and facials, as we aim to offer you the best. Soon it became an example and won two International Prizes in Merchandising. Together with our specialized team we stay at your disposal at any time. For us, it is a priority to meet our customers’ needs the best possible way.

To this end, today we update our online store ToFarmakeioMou.gr, always wishing to follow market developments and ensuring a big variety of products available even to remote areas.

Our Customer Service Department, personalized Logistic Center and Call Center are modern and easy to use. We use a PDA system to avoid mistakes. ΤοFarmakeioMou.gr leads once more the revolution to modern online shopping.

«Technology is valuable only when used to serve people» Theodore Sakopoulos, Founder and Managing Director of ΤοFarmakeioMou.gr, Pharmacist).

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence