About Us

VICAN was founded in 1976 by the current president and managing director of the company Mr. Nick Anagnostakis. His vision of a leading company in the consumer healthcare market was realized in the year 2000 after the merger of Vican Farm and Vican Ltd into VICAN N. ANAGNOSTAKIS S.A.

Nowadays, the main activity of the company is the importation/ exportation under exclusive representation and distribution of pharmaceuticals, orthopaedics, cosmetics, personal care products, medical devices and OTC products.

VICAN S.A distributes to pharmacies, cosmetics chain stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets as well as retail orthopaedics stores. VICAN S.A cooperates with all the Greek Pharmacy’s associations as well as with some local wholesalers located in various Greek cities.

Vican S.A is the exclusive agent of many products manufactured by Cuxson Gerrard, Gilbert Laboratories, Asepta Monaco, Larus Pharma and CIZETA Medicali among others.
VICAN S.A. is certified according to the International Standards ISO 9001:2000 by EKEVYL.

Company structure

Vican S.A employs more than 50 people having a well-organized sales department and scientifically trained sales force (more than 15 sales representatives).

A department of medical advisors has also been established since 2001 for further growth and brand awareness in the medical field.

Vican S.A also has a subsidiary in Thessalonica (North Greece) with independent sales department.

A well organized marketing department is dedicated to successfully carrying out the company’s marketing efforts.

Most of the company’s products are supported by print, TV and radio advertising. According to national statistics Vican is one of the most advertised Companies in Greece (in 173rd place).

This effort has been successful and it is in the future plans to enrich further these lines. The R&D department has developed various products with high standards using ‘Vican’ as brand name.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence